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Author: Jonathan Bowles

Much of our work on Center for the Urban Future (CUF) includes illuminating policies and investments that will help many more New Yorkers move into the middle class.

Our new message focuses on the opportunity to do just that: by ensuring that more mostly low-income students who enroll at a CUNY community college can successfully transfer to a CUNY four-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree.

All of us in CUF they are huge believers in CUNY, which is arguably the city’s most important elevator to the middle class. However, too many students do not receive full mobility support from CUNY as they struggle to succeed in the transfer process.

Although eight out of every nine new community college students at CUNY intend to transfer and complete at least a bachelor’s degree, only about one in nine do so within six years. Making even a modest improvement of thousands in these transfer outcomes could help more New Yorkers from low-income communities earn bachelor’s degrees, setting them on the path to higher-wage careers.

Created with a grant from the Robin Hood Foundation and written by David Fischer, our report calls on city and state officials to help expand CUNY initiatives that are successfully helping students transfer more of their credits from two-year to four-year degrees. -year program – and successfully transfer to a bachelor’s degree.

Click the link to read the message, “Increasing the success rate of transfer students at CUNY.”

Also check out this NY1 story about our report, “A new report highlights the barriers CUNY community college students face when transferring.”

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Jonathan Bowles

The Center for the Urban Future (CUF) is a leading think tank focused on building a stronger and fairer economy in New York and expanding economic opportunity for all New Yorkers. CUF receives general operating support from The Clark Foundation and the Altman Foundation. We are also grateful for support from the Fisher Brothers Foundation for the Center for the Urban Future’s Middle Class Work project and the continued support of a number of other philanthropic sponsors. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-bowles-a843766/

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