Think you need GenAI for a better supply chain? Think again | by Flavio Aliberti | March 2024

Learn why leveraging existing resources and actionable analytics trumps GenAI’s drive for supply chain efficiency. Embrace innovation the smart way

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In a world that is captivated by the latest technological discoveries, Supply Chain The sector is no stranger to the siren call of innovation. Every new gadget, every piece of software, every algorithm is wrapped in promises of revolution. But beneath the gloss of novelty remains a fundamental question:

Are we moving forward or just chasing shadows?

The allure of new technologies is undeniable. They promise efficiency, clarity and exciting prospects for competitive advantage. But as the dust settles, we find ourselves at a crossroads, littered with abandoned tools and unfulfilled expectations. The race for the latest, brightest, and most sophisticated has taken us down a path of fleeting triumphs and enduring challenges.

It’s time for a pivot – a shift from dazzling potential to the solidity of practical application. The real revolution is not in the tools themselves, but in how we control them. Advanced analyticswith its vast powers, it has the potential to transform the very fabric supply chain management.

Our goal is clear: to break through the noise, to separate the essential from the superficial. This journey is not about condemning technology. The goal is to elevate our approach to it. We love to discover usable knowledgethose gems of wisdom that empower supply chain thrive in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

As we embark on this survey, we invite you to look beyond the hype. Let’s find out together how strategic application analysts can illuminate the way forward and lead us to resilience, adaptability and ultimately excellence in supply chain management.

A common pitfall lurks in our search digital innovation: the pursuit of a perfect replication of the physical world in pixels. This ambition often misses the mark on what really matters supply chain management. Essentially…

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