Purina, Petzey team up to bring on-demand pet telehealth to pet parents

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Pet experts at Purina have partnered with Petzey, an on-demand pet telehealth and wellness mobile app, to make access to quality veterinary care easier for busy US pet parents. Offering on-demand pet health and wellness advice through affordable virtual vet consultations, Petzey adds to Purina’s growing list of content, tools and technology created by pet experts to help pet owners find, feed and care for their pets. dogs and cats.

As timely and affordable access to veterinary care continues to be a challenge for pet owners, Petzey combines technology with traditional care by providing on-demand access to certified veterinary professionals nationwide for expert health and wellness advice pets. Petzey Prize Virtual Veterinary Consultation 20 dollarswhich offers a cost-effective supplement to traditional in-office veterinary care with quick access to a veterinary professional for pet parents’ immediate questions or concerns about their pet’s health.

“Petzey is designed for a new generation of pet parents looking for services that are not only technologically advanced, but also deeply rooted in genuine care and accessibility,” said Ameetess Dira, Chief Marketing Officer, Petzey. “Expanding access to affordable pet care helps pave the way for continued innovation and, most importantly, healthier pets across the country.”

By partnering with Purina, MyPurina members can claim theirs Purina Perks points for discounts on Petzey telehealth consulting. Access to exclusive offers from Petzey and other partners is available in the MyPurina app, a managed hub for every stage of the pet parenting journey. The MyPurina app provides customized information and experiences, from creating unique pet profiles and providing at-home enrichment activities to better bond with your dogs and cats, to offering personalized nutrition information and access to tools and technology from Purina experts and trusted partners like is Petzey. and offers pet parents in one convenient place.

“Purina is trusted by veterinarians and pet owners alike as a company of pet experts who truly understand pets and their health, and we’re excited to partner with others in the industry like Petzey who share our mission to help pets live longer. , a healthier life,” he said Nathan Marafioti, vice president of new business models at Purina. “The MyPurina app brings pet parents the knowledge of hundreds of Purina pet experts and our trusted partners.”

More Petzey discounts and trial opportunities are coming soon from Purina and its portfolio of trusted pet food and litter brands and a growing list of Pettivity pet technology products.

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