Some links 8/2024 | value and opportunity

VAR ENERGY: Fossil fuel investments went crazy for a while. The industry has been crushed by irrational sentiment, pushed by the sustainability awakening*, and has become uninvestable (for many). This creates incredible value opportunities (maybe MMI007 feels compelled to make a series?) and I’m getting them in a move.

— While no intelligent person will argue that our world would do great / much better with fully sustainable energy, the question is how realistic that is. Sustainability is basically a fairy tale and the harsh reality is that 80-90% of the world cannot afford sustainable energy and simply don’t care if the richest 1% can ski in Zermatt in 2040.
The video below clearly shows that (unless there is a real energy revolution ie fusion?) climate change will occur. Forget the rest. And ignore the awakening. Invest accordingly.

— Although sustainability is a myth, you can still make money with sustainability topics. As long as there is a demand for sustainable materials, there will be investment opportunities… Remember, these climate changes will not stop.

– I am at Equinor, Phillips66 and considering more…

*Sustainability Evangelists, are a subclass of WAKE (those whose behavior is based on feelings, not rational/facts/numbers). See

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