Crystal’s $148 Kroger Delivery Order

I just love using the Kroger Boost program (It was $39 for the whole year with the deal they did in January + I get double the fuel points for the whole year – which is almost worth it!)

You can read more about savings we’ve already seen on our gas with dual fuel points! More in case you missed it I’ve shared more about the Kroger Boost program here.

By the way, one of the best parts of the Kroger Boost Program (besides having someone shop for you and have your groceries delivered right to your door!) is that when you go to checkout, there’s a little box with a limited time offer. You never know what it’s going to be and sometimes it’s not that great, but sometimes it really sneaks out. And you can get up to 10 of each offer! It’s almost like shopping discounts or sales!

This week I was offered Dave’s Killer Bread for $3 a loaf!! What?!? Naturally, I bought 4 for the freezer since the best deal I’ve ever found is $4.99 a loaf and I eat at least 1-2 every day!

General Mills cereal is on sale Buy 2 Get 3 Free which made it a pretty good deal. Bear Naked Granola is $2.49/bag with digital coupon. And the Keebler cookies are in the Buy One Get One Free sale – which made some packages $1.84!

We needed to get more meal cards and they had a deal where if you spend $20 on Kroger items you get $5 off, so between the Kroger items I was already planning on buying + the meal cards ended up being a great $5 off deal!

Cabbage was on sale for $0.49/lb with a digital coupon.

I also stocked up on some food for David, including pudding, gogo crush, yogurt, and applesauce. Even though he is still very limited in what he eats, we are SO thankful that he is eating more variety than before and that he is eating much more orally rather than having everything through the G-tube.

Oh, and one more deal: Kraft Salad Dressing was $1.49/bottle with a digital coupon. I bought the Italian dressing as a marinade for the chicken!

Want to see everything I bought and how much I paid for each item? Check out my FB live haul video here.

My total with tax for all these groceries at Kroger was: $148.65

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