TopResume 2024 Review: Get the Perfect Resume

Did you know that 75% of resumes are never seen by a recruiter or hiring manager? All the hard work you put into your resume could send it straight into the trash. So what’s the secret to keeping it from happening?

It can all be about formatting, content and keywords. And if your resume doesn’t tick all the boxes, there’s a very good chance no one will see it and that’s why you’re not getting interviews.

TopResume is a leading resume writing service with nearly 10 years of experience. They promise to help you get more interviews, but is it worth it? Check out my TopResume writing service review below.

What is TopResume? TopResume logo

TopResume is a top professional resume writing service. They have an extensive network of writers, certified career coaches, former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters and professionals with specialized experience in over 65 industries. It will tailor your resume to beat the competition and make sure your resume is reviewed so you can find your dream job.

Over the years, most employers have turned to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to weed out resumes that don’t match the parameters they’ve set to show matches by job description. This means that the resume you spent many hours creating can be completely ignored.

TopResume has helped more than a million job seekers reduce this risk by providing professional resume writing and career counseling services—with the ultimate goal of keeping your resume out of the trash and landing you a highly sought-after interview instead.

How TopResume works

TopResume offers two ways to get help with your resume:

  1. You can get a quick and free analysis with DIY steps to improve your resume yourself.
  2. Or they offer four levels of personalized support to suit every budget.

If you want to try the first option, just upload your resume and read the feedback. You can decide whether to make the changes yourself or if professional support is a better option. There is also a 48 hour turnaround time which is fast!

If you want more personalized support, you can take it a step further and choose one of their pricing options to get started.

  • Complete the questionnaire: TopResume has a comprehensive introductory questionnaire to help your writer get to know you, your career path, and your goals. If you already have a resume created, you can upload it along with the questionnaire to give your writer an even better overview of you and your career.
  • Get matched: TopResume will connect you with an expert writer after completing the questionnaire. This is who you will work with to complete your resume. You can trust that the expert they provide is experienced in your field.
  • Check the first draft: Your writer gets to work creating your first draft. You usually receive this draft within a week and have another week to review it and ask for edits. Leaving comments is as simple as pasting them directly into the document for the author to review.
  • Complete the resume: You can have up to two rounds of edits, and then you’ll receive a final summary and start planning those interviews!

Sign up and get started

Signing up is as easy as selecting a TopResume pricing package and providing the necessary information. The introductory questionnaire should only take a few minutes, so don’t be intimidated!

Prices and fees

A big part of getting started with TopResume is choosing the right package. Like I said before, they offer a free review of your resume and then you can make the changes yourself if you think you can handle it.

However, if you want a more thorough review, analysis and finalization, you can choose from one of their packages.

  • Starter ($149): Includes a professionally written summary that is keyword optimized to pass the ATS. The resume will have an attractive format with content that will catch the attention of employers. It also includes a 30-day subscription to, an all-in-one career platform for every stage of your job search and career journey.
  • Premium ($219): Includes everything in the Starter Package, a customized cover letter and a 60-day interview guarantee. You will have 2 interviews with your new resume within 60 days; if not, they will rework your resume for free.
  • Ultimate ($349): Includes everything from the Starter and Premium packages plus access to an executive writer (top 10% of TopResume employees) and also includes LinkedIn profile editing.
  • Elite Executive Priority ($699): Includes everything from the packages above, plus access to an expert writer from the top 1% of TopResume staff, a 2-day turnaround, and two interview prep sessions.


TopResume takes security seriously and uses a professional firewall to prevent unwanted access to its system. They also take steps to ensure the privacy of your information and prevent your CV from being misused, altered or lost.

Customer service

Most communication with TopResume is done online, but if you need to talk to someone about pricing, packages, or other issues, you can reach them by phone 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, or by email. However, questions about your resume should be directed to your niche writer.

Customer reviews

Customers seem to be quite happy with the results of TopResume. TopResume has a 4.0-star review on TrustPilot, and with reviews like this, that’s no surprise.

Renew a Life Saver for a recent graduate

My writer was very helpful in answering questions and getting new edits. I felt that my opinions were taken into account for what was included in the documents. The formatting was very good and everything looked professional. I went from a complete resume to a fully usable one along with a cover letter and a linkedIn overhaul in just 7 days. I was busy finishing my last semester of school and didn’t have time to mess around with documents. My first draft that came back was almost perfect from the start and required little time for editing on my part. It’s definitely worth the money.

TopResume also has success stories on its website, including Casey’s. If you are interested, check out her resume before and after she hired TopResume.

Casey Cardoza

Casey had worked in the nonprofit world for just over a decade and wanted to move into the financial services industry. She was eager to use her budget management experience in another field, but needed to figure out how to expand her transferable skills to attract employers. Plus, Casey wasn’t good at self-promotion in general. Casey bought TopResume’s Premium career development package and was paired with biographer Gemma.

Gemma helped Casey identify and highlight the job skills that would be most valuable in her target field; she then optimized the new resume with the right keywords to ensure Casey’s resume would pass muster recruitment software and get in front of hiring managers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Spending money on your resume can seem scary, especially if you’re currently between jobs, but it can be one of the best investments you’ll make for yourself and your career. Here are some pros and cons of using TopResume.


  • Free review option: If you just want to see what TopResume is all about or test your resume, you can upload your resume for free and get feedback within 48 hours. It won’t change anything on your resume unless you make changes, but it’s a great way to see where you stand.
  • Other interviews: TopResume offers a 60-day guarantee. If you don’t have at least double the number of interviews you had before you hired them, they will rewrite your resume for free.
  • Find a job faster: Interviewed candidates who used TopResume’s paid services claim that they were able to find a job within three months of using TopResume’s services.


  • Must like email communication: All communication is via email with TopResume. It may not be suitable if you are not comfortable communicating in this way.
  • Telephone consultations cost money: If you are more comfortable talking to a professional over the phone, you must pay for a 30-minute phone consultation.

Alternatives to TopResume

TopResume isn’t the only option available to help you improve your resume. Here are some alternatives that can be used for comparison.


ZipJob is a resume building service that matches you with a writer who will use your career goals to create a resume with you. It offers four levels of service. Unlike TopResume, its most basic package only provides a resume. Its higher-paying packages offer perks like a cover letter, LinkedIn profile updates, and a 60-day interview guarantee. uses artificial intelligence support to help you create your resume yourself. You can choose from over 25 templates, fill in your information, and let help generate your resume and cover letter. The free plan offers resume and cover letter creation with .TXT downloads, and paid versions unlock premium templates and unlimited .DOC and .PDF downloads.

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