How Grays Harbor Voted in the Washington Presidential Primary

How Grays Harbor Voted in the Washington Presidential Primary

Support for Biden and Trump was slightly higher than the national margin

With both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations seemingly settled, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump swept Washington’s March 12 primary as Grays Harbor voters supported each candidate by slightly larger margins than the state results .

In Grays Harbor, 88% of Democrats voted for Biden to appear in the November general election, compared to 86% nationally, while Trump won 79% of the Republican vote in Harbor with 74% nationally.

The Washington primary pushed Trump over the threshold of delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination. Four other candidates on the ballot have already dropped out, most recently former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who ended her campaign last week, taking 22% of the vote in Washington and 17% in Grays Harbor.

Biden reached the delegate threshold earlier Tuesday after winning the Georgia primary. Two other candidates, US Rep. Dean Phillips, who ended his campaign last week, and author Marianne Williamson won between 3% and 4% of the Democratic vote in Grays Harbor.

A “non-binding delegate” option also appeared on the Democratic ballot. The Associated Press reported that the non-binding vote was protested by activists and religious leaders in Washington who say Biden has not done enough to stop Israel’s war against Hamas. The uncommitted vote received 7.5% statewide and 3.5% in Grays Harbor.

As of Tuesday evening, just over 11,150 ballots had been counted in Grays Harbor County — about a 23% turn. The Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office estimates there are 3,200 ballots left to be counted, which would increase the turnover by nearly 30%.

Primary voting required voters to choose a party preference by voting in either the Democratic or Republican primary. As of Tuesday, the auditor’s office had 6,516 Republican and 4,625 Democratic ballots.

The results of the second vote count are expected to be released Thursday afternoon, according to the auditor’s office.

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