AI first or last? Exposing the hype behind corporate AI claims | by Flavio Aliberti | March 2024

A peek behind the curtain “AI first” claims to reveal the reality and bold steps needed to truly lead the AI ​​revolution. Is your company talking?

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Imagine a boardroom.

The air is thick with anticipation (and expensive cologne).

The CEO stands up, clears his throat and announces:We go AI first!“Applause erupts through the room.

No one knows what that means, but it sounds revolutionary.

Meanwhile, Google’s internal “What is AI first?”

“AI First” has become the corporate world a new mantra.

OF consulting firms boasting AI-driven strategies tech giants introducing AI-enhanced gadgets and corporate organization promises AI-centric operations, it’s a race to the AI ​​finish line. But scratch the surface and it’s often just that old wine in new bottles.

  • consulting firms: They are repackaging ten years old data analytics services as a pioneering consultancy in the field of artificial intelligence. Same data, same analytics, but now with an AI label slapped on the design.
  • Tech giants: Introducing the latest “AI Camera” smartphone. It’s the same camera, but now it can tell a cat from a dog thanks to an early 2000s AI algorithm.
  • Corporate organization: Suddenly, every internal tool is powered by artificial intelligence. The same spreadsheet that predicts sales is now an “AI-driven predictive model” — it doesn’t matter that it’s just linear regression from your high school statistics class.

In a rush to be seen as innovators, the essence of truth The transformation of AI is often lost in translation — or rather in marketing.

Every year it’s new obsession. It was yesterday RPA, blockchain, Metaverse. Today is HAVE. Tomorrow, who knows? The messages are constantly changing, but the game remains the same. With their eyes fixed on the stock market, organizations are eagerly following the latest trend and promise revolutionary changes to anyone who will listen. The bigger the buzzword, the wider the smile and the more…

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