Op-Ed: Strong leaders need weak followers. American Parable.

Lady Liberty: Tears of Roe, Bonnie Lautenberg (6ft x 6ft) Tears streaming down the face of the Statue of Liberty, with the word “Roe” added to her crown, lamenting the recent challenges to our freedoms.

In the vast void that is Donald Trump, any substance, let’s say fatal legal costs, is an insurmountable obstacle. A “strong leader” needs a vacuum to exist. Flights of helpless non-entities sing him to rest. A fairy tale book is full of things that never happened.

Weak followers can only follow. They cannot initiate anything. HAS the non-existent Republican Party he helps by not doing anything significant, ever. Their names are dust. They became nobody. A takeaway menu that no one dictates helps eliminate any potential opposition.

Opposition actually becomes impossible. A “strong leader” can fail at nothing and everything without disagreement. The deluded can lead the deluded with confidence.

Now contrast with the Democrats. Choose a subject, any subject. The elections are eight months away. Democrats are not running against Trump. They are fight your own guy. This is how they lost in 2016. The Democrat non-voter was a vote for Trump. In this case, the problem is “strong followers” with no sense of urgency or clear direction.

The sheer negativity of Democratic news is appealing. Third-party navel gassing replaces fabric in this case. You’d think they’d never heard of media or basic marketing. Obviously not.

This is a real and critical thing because Trump is and never has been more than a marketing exercise. He is not competing with Trump on his only real platform. They are absolute opposites.

Trump can barely get a coherent word out of his face in all these years, but the Democrats speak in long political jargon. Trump’s messages lack any merit of any kind, but they don’t burden the almost non-existent vocabularies of an unspeakably uneducated America.

With the greatest communications in history, Democrats seem unable to send clear messages. They don’t even provide an executive summary. They cannot communicate at all with the evangelized on a childlike level.

You can’t talk to people about something they don’t understand. Real. But you could at least try. They were told that other Americans were the enemy. They don’t dispute that. You gave them no reason to listen to you.

Basic Communication 101 –

  • Speak at your audience’s communication level.
  • Be clear about what you are saying.
  • A single message is enough.

If you tried to get a communications qualification with the garbled messages sent by the Democrats, you’d end up in the dumps. Your lecturers would have to bury you in self-defense for mocking their subject.

Are you competing with a stupid moron and can’t get ahead? Can’t even get your own message across simply and directly?

American Parable:

Once upon a time there was an idiot in a land far away.


…And it will be over if you don’t raise your game.


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