From Crystal: Our grocery delivery orders for the past two weeks

This was my fourth and fifth week using the Kroger Boost program (It was $39 for the whole year with the deal they did in January + I get double the fuel points for the whole year – which totally pays for itself and then some!)

As I mentioned recently, I can’t believe it savings we’ve already seen on our gas with dual fuel points! If you missed it, I’ve shared more about the Kroger Boost program here.

I didn’t get a chance to share our groceries two weeks ago, so here are the last two grocery deliveries:

Grocery delivery this week

They ended up overcharging me for the strawberries and they didn’t look good so I asked for a refund because I wouldn’t have bought them if I knew they would end up looking like them. It’s very easy to request a refund in the app and they issued it almost immediately!

So my total with tax after refund was around $99 for all of the above groceries!

I’ve been working on perfecting Overnight No Knead Artisan Bread. Look for the recipe soon! That is very good!

I also made homemade tortillas last week. They were AWESOME! Now I can see why so many of you choose to make our homemade tortillas!

And I did a second fermentation on my Kombucha and made four different flavors. I was so happy with how it turned out, but my family likes water kefir a lot better and it’s so easy that I’ll probably just stick with that.

Last week’s grocery delivery

My total for all these groceries was $167 with tax. So I’m under budget this month. I will probably do a small grocery order on Thursday to use up the remaining amount to carry us through next week since Jesse, Silas, and Kaitlynn will all be out of town on school trips so we will use up a lot less. food here while they are gone! 🙂

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