How Elon Musk turned every company he touched into a success story | by Chris Soschner | February 2024

Elon Musk’s Algorithm Explained

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“Why did your startup cease to exist? I thought the customers were coming in.” I asked.

I was confused.

A year ago, she shone in the light of success.

A year later.


“You know. Yes, they came. But after a year I realized we never made any money. People started fighting each other every day. It was a mess.” she replied with tears in her eyes.

Big dreams. Broke in less than 12 months.

9 out of 10 startups fail and only a select few succeed.

Many of the attributes that create a successful company for “wealthy parents”. Or luck. Or a combination of both.

I attribute this to the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to turn an idea into a business.

Not a product. Company. Huge difference.

Elon Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this decade because any company he touched turned into pure gold.

Zip2, Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX are just a few. He also had a hand in Deep Mind and OpenAI.

The big question:

What makes him so special that he creates success where others constantly struggle and fail?

Fortunately, Walter Isaacson revealed the truth behind Elon Musk’s success in Biography.

Here’s a quick overview for those with limited time.

Below I will add some thoughts and ideas for applying these principles on a daily basis.

  1. Question every claim
  2. Remove any part or process that you can
  3. Simplify and optimize
  4. Speed ​​up cycle time
  5. machine

Let’s dive into them.

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