Alaska Airlines passenger charged with stabbing off-duty police officer

The man who allegedly stabbed an off-duty police officer on an Alaska Airlines flight, he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after he told authorities he had made the weapon himself and intended to use it to kill.

Julio Alvarez Lopez was indicted on one count by a Nevada grand jury on Wednesday, according to federal court records.

Lopez reportedly traveled in January. 24 from Seattle to Las Vegas when he said he became suspicious that another passenger was part of a “cartel,” authorities said.

Witness told the FBI that Lopez looked “awkward” and got up twice to go to the bathroom during the last 30 minutes of the flight, Las Vegas FOX affiliate KVVU reports. When the witness returned to his seat a second time, he recalled that Lopez suddenly began punching and stabilizing the man, who was sitting across the aisle with his wife and 7-year-old son.

“There was blood everywhere,” the witness said, explaining that the suspect dropped what appeared to be an improvised weapon made of thoughts.

The flight attendants were eventually able to restrain Lopez with elastic cuffs for the remainder of the flight. He was arrested after landing in Las Vegas.

Lopez, a Mexican citizen, told police he was currently seeking asylum in the U.S. because he believed the mob had been after him for months. He said he thought the man he stabbed was following him.

Lopez admitted to constructing a makeshift weapon with rubber bands and several pens just before the flight with the intention of stabbing the victim through the eye and into the brain.

“I planned to attack him and kill him,” Lopez said, adding that he did not know the man outside of the incident.

She was a stabbing victim identified in court documents as an off-duty police officer with the initials “CR”, according to NBC 7 San Diego. Photos of the victim show that he suffered scratches and bruises on and around his right eye. His wife was also hit as she tried to protect their son.

Lopez has another arraignment scheduled for March 1 in U.S. District Court in Nevada. A judge ordered him held in custody pending trial.

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