New York Women’s Foundation celebrates Black History Month at Oculus

In celebration of Black History Month, Women’s Foundation of New York paid tribute to an exceptional group of women.

Women from various sectors of finance, news, government, law, education and advocacy; women whose remarkable contributions have left an indelible mark both in their respective fields and in their wider community for justice, equality and empowerment. In addition to advertising on 21 screens around the Oculus celebrating Black History Month, Women’s Foundation of New York hosted a Sip N’ See event in collaboration with our grants partner Custom Collaborative to honor today’s change makers.

The idea to honor today’s change makers with the theme “Looking back and looking forward” was inspired Sankofa bird in an African tradition that serves as a reminder to look at and accept the past while looking forward toward the future. The iconic image of this bird, with its vibrant colors and powerful message, has been an inspiration to a select group of honorees, each of whom has broken barriers and continues to inspire positive change in a way that will be felt by generations to come. “These women’s remarkable contributions are woven into the rich tapestry of black history, and we celebrate their continued dedication to creating a fairer and more just world. From finance, journalism, government, and nonprofits, the fields represented by these women touch every sector, and their collective work in the pursuit of justice truly shapes New York Citynot just for themselves, but for their communities and future generations,” said Devika Gopal Agge, Senior Vice President of the company Women’s Foundation of New York.

The awards embody the essence of intersectionality, recognizing the interconnectedness of their identities and experiences and making history today. Florence “Flo” Anthonya prominent African-American reporter who left an indelible mark as a gossip columnist, radio host, television contributor, and author.

In her role as Executive Assistant Commissioner for Human Resources Management, Marjorie Cadogan worked to expand access to health insurance for New York City residents and small businesses.

Dr. Danielle R. Moss Cox is a vocal advocate for expanded access to education and social justice and through her leadership roles in organizations such as the YWCA of the City of New York and Harlem Fund for Educational Activities she was instrumental in creating opportunities for black and Latino students.

In her role as a reporter for TechCrunch covering venture capital, race and culture, Dominic-Madori Davis brought transparency to the intersection of money, power and diversity within the tech industry.

As the company’s managing director Alliance of Families for JusticeSoffiyah Elijah is a dedicated advocate for criminal justice reform and a dedicated advocate for families affected by incarceration.

Ngozi Okaro, an activist for economic, environmental and social justice, is the founder of Custom Collaborative, a strong advocate of sustainable fashion that reflects commitment to people and planet.

As executive director of the NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis leads a team committed to understanding the root causes of poverty and developing evidence-based interventions to address its consequences. Known for driving social and economic change, she has dedicated her career to helping the most vulnerable gain access to justice, services and support.

Rashidah Siddiqui, a dedicated real estate professional, trained legal person and active participation in legal internships showcases her hands-on approach in the dynamic real estate market. Her membership in the New York State Bar Association and the Brooklyn Bar Association underscore her commitment to the community.

As chairwoman, chief cultural officer and co-founder Westfuller, Lola C. West was a transformative force in wealth management. Her commitment to racial equity, social justice and environmental stewardship has shaped innovative approaches to investment solutions.

Internationally, Puerto Rican attorney and environmental law leader Elizabeth Yeampierre co-chairs the acclaimed Climate Justice Alliance and serves as the Executive Director of UPROSE. Her pioneering work in community organizing and climate justice reflects a commitment to sustainable development.

In recognition of their exceptional contribution Women’s Foundation of New York has honored each of these women with a quote and will be featuring them on its channels throughout the month.

Their progress in social justice, equity and positive change aligns with the foundation’s mission of transformative and generous support for women-led initiatives.

Led by radical generosity, these changemakers and The New York Women’s Foundation are shaping the history of our future. The campaign can be viewed at:

Women’s Foundation of New York

Women’s Foundation of New York creates a fair and just future for women, girls, gender-expansive individuals and their families by investing in bold, community-led solutions that catalyze action for gender, economic and racial justice. Since 1987, the Foundation has invested $125 million in more than 500 organizations, creating a vibrant community of grant-makers, philanthropists, advocates, innovators and change-makers.

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Photo Credits: 1) Guests. 2) Camille Emeagwali, Devika Gopal Agge, Ngozi Okaro, guests. 3) Danielle R Moss Cox, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis, Marjorie Cadogan. 4) Soffiyah Elijah, Madeline Lamour Holder. 5) Rashidah Siddiqui. 6) Florence Anthony. New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) / Gabriella Toth for LensFormative.

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