Catalyst Pet launches a range of bedding for small animals, focusing on coziness, comfort and sustainability

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Press Release: Catalyst Pet

There is a new player in the world of small animal bedding. Catalyst Pet introduces its new sustainable, high-performance Douglas Fir wood-based bedding for small animals.

Catalyst Pet first launched in 2020 with a revolutionary softwood clumping cat litter. From the beginning, Catalyst Pet has kept the health of the planet—and the health of cats—a top priority. This little bedding product also has this mission in mind.

Catalyst wood-based small pet bedding is made from 100% natural, locally sourced Douglas fir scraps, which small pets and their parents love for their thoughtful design focused on comfort. The litter has a sophisticated thickness, shape, smoothness and flexibility, which will make your small pet cozy and happy in its space, while keeping the space dry, hygienic and clean.

This kiln-dried Douglas fir product checks all the boxes for high-performance bedding for small animals: advanced hypoallergenic properties, natural, maximum absorbent fluids and odors, non-toxic and of course sustainable. Bedding is also a perfectly safe option for your little furry friend. Even your little friends with respiratory problems can rest easy because the bedding is 99 percent dust-free and provides an environment with exceptional air quality.

“Until now, Lignetics hasn’t had a small animal bedding, and trust us, it was worth the wait,” says Mark Medearis, Vice President of Bedding at Lignetics, Catalyst’s proud parent company. “There are absolutely no additives in Catalyst. Nothing artificial. The wood comes directly from local mills or sometimes from the forest floor itself. We’re in the Pacific Northwest, which is Douglas fir territory,” he says.

Catalyst is the first company to use Douglas-fir for bedding for small animals, although it has been successfully used for larger animals such as horses.

“It’s a very clean product and we’re excited to offer it as a new and sustainable, biodegradable litter for small animals,” Medearis said. “We know that Catalyst has long offered high performance cat litter and this litter will have the same quality and function. Pet parents could also use spruce litter for their cats in a pinch,” she laughs.

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