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Wearing dresses and skirts in winter can be tricky if you want to stay warm. Black tights are more of a necessity than just an accessory to stay stylish and comfortable as the temperatures drop.

Black tights vary in opacity and sheen, not to mention several denier options. The higher the denier, the thicker and warmer your stockings will be. For extra warmth, a wool blend will keep you cozy.


Tights are made from flexible fabric blends, including nylon, elastane, spandex, cotton, polyester and wool. The best tights are stretchy and stretchy without losing their shape or support. Wool blends keep you warm in the winter, but they can also be itchy, expensive, and don’t have the smooth, even look of other knits.


The denier of tights determines how opaque or sheer they are. The lower the denier, the more sheer the tights. Black tights typically come in 7, 10, 15, 40, 60, and 100 denier. A higher denier also means a stronger fit. You’ll want 40 or more for winter clothes. A pair of 100 deniers will rival your favourite leggings for their firm and comfortable coverage.


Tights can catch and tear on almost anything: a fingernail, the edge of a table, even a callus. Tights can also develop “ladders” that can run up or down you and ruin a pair. The more translucent and cheaper the material, the more susceptible it is to ladders.

Support, support

Tights must have enough compression to stay up. For extra support, many tights come with sa control top to smooth the stomach, hips, thighs and back. This also reduces flexing and shifting. The downside is that compression can leave temporary marks on the skin or uncomfortably tighten the abdomen.


Black tights can have a matte or shiny look, or somewhere in between. Like the sheerness of tights, this is a matter of stylistic preference. While many sheer tights are shiny, some opaque ones are too.


Depending on their brand and material quality, black tights cost $6-90.

The best black tights

Women’s matte black Commando tights

These comfortable, ultra-soft tights have an extra-wide waistband that stays up without causing discomfort in the tummy or leaving wrinkles on the skin. The rimless waistband is invisible even under your tightest clothes.

Hue Blackout tights with control top

Strong and sturdy, these 90-day tights will keep your legs warm in a skirt. The material is opaque and black as the midnight sky. The brand is a renowned manufacturer of tights.

Simiya Opaque Tights for Women

Smooth, silky and stretchy, these 70-day tights won’t wrinkle either. Wearers love their non-slip soles and comfortable control uppers.

No Nonsense Women’s Blackout Yoga Tights

This three pack of 70 denier tights is great value. The material is durable and resists scratches from fingernails and toenails of pets. The yoga waist is comfortable and holds tights.

Basics of the Capezio women’s studio

Designed for ballet, these semi-sheer tights are popular with ballerinas and non-ballerinas alike. Their durability and flexibility are excellent.

Spanx Tight-End Tights

From a brand synonymous with shapewear, these control tights will tone your back. It also flatters your stomach under skirts and keeps you warm when it gets cold.

No nonsense women’s seamless tights

This triple pack of opaque seamless tights is 85% nylon, 15% spandex. They come in four sizes and are from a trusted brand. Layer them with many different outfits and remember to hand wash only and hang to dry.

Hanes Ecosmart Blackout Tights

Made from recycled nylon and spandex, these eco-friendly black tights offer both support and comfort. The opaque black fabric is 100 denier. In addition, they are of great value.

Mivnue women’s tights with fleece lining

These tights have the look of sheer black tights and actually have a warm fleece lining. The thick, nude liner makes them look see-through without being see-through.

Frola 80 denier semi-opaque tights for women

These affordable black tights feature 3D spandex that stretches in every direction you move without stretching. They are semi-opaque and durable. The 80 denier fabric is a good medium thickness.

Women’s Opaque Hue Tights

If you’re looking for semi-sheer tights, these 40-day tights don’t rip. They are a great choice for people who don’t like to wear tops. They are truly black, unlike other semi-transparent variants that look gray instead of black.

G&Y 100 Denier Fleece Lined Tights for Women

This two-pack of fleece-lined tights will keep your legs from turning into popsicles during the winter. The price and fit are just right. There is no tummy check, so sitting is comfortable.

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