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From furry furniture to accident-stained carpets to everything in between, your fluffy BFFs can leave your home smelling fart litter box for dogs, especially for house guests.

A recent survey by Atomic researchreports that 49% of Americans say they are afraid to visit homes with pets because of the smell.

Try these tips and never blame your dog or cat again. (We’re looking at you, Uncle Leroy.)

Wash it

There’s no mystery here: Washing fabrics from favorite places in your pet’s lounge helps to deal with smelly things.

Remove all blankets from your furniture and bedding (yes, fart beds, blankets, towels, etc. and give them a good wash every other week (sometimes more often).

Bathing the dog while the dryer is running doesn’t hurt either, and old-fashioned multitasking is a given.

Vacuum it up

Odors can come from pet hair and fur, so vacuum all those surfaces that pets love – we’re talking the corners of the room and deep in those crevices of the sofa where critters like to go – then lightly spritz fabrics and carpets with pet freshener. to keep them fresh.

Do hardwood or tile? Trip the vacuum and the Swiffer may or may not work, you may have to get on your hands and knees with a cleaning rag and a good quality non-chemical cleaner (And don’t forget all that dog or cat hair piled up in the corners of your floors.)

Wipe their paws

Before you take your dog for a walk, leave a shallow bucket of water and a towel by the door. When you get back, soak his paws in water and dry them with a towel for a paw print-free home – they’ll love it and so will you.

A trowel Tip

Do you avoid wearing black unless you’re on vacation? Does every guest leave your house looking like a yeti?

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Grab a squeegee from the shower – it’s an easy way to scrape all the excess fur off the sofa so guests can sit nicely, writes our source.

Let the freshness last

It’s not a complete pet odor arsenal, but you’re ready to fight with these top pet tips.

If you have any other tips that we haven’t covered – let us know below.

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