Some links 05/2024 | value and opportunity

Some other funds from the TGV fund family:
TGV partners (Circle Software, United Internet, Tucows)
TGV compound interest (EQS group, naked wines)
TGV Rubicon Stockpicker (United Internet, hgears, Agfa, etc.)
TGV Falkenstein (German, Energiedienst, Energiekontor, Compugroup)

Carson Block/Muddy Waters is short (again). Fairfax Prem Watsy

Ability with great (German language) write on the German insulation company Sto

Ben Thompson of Stratechery was somehow overwhelmed by the professional vision of Apple

Davis Einhorn talked to Barry Ritholz about the “broken market” and more

HAS great collection of financial blogs from “The Amazing Goat Blog”

Gravity batteries in old abandoned mine shafts look interesting as an idea

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