BASEAK CORE Papers No: 20 Secondary Violations of Competition Law in the US, EU and Turkey – Antitrust, EU Competition

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We are excited to present the twentieth issue of the BASEAK CORE Papers series!

In this edition, Senior Consultant Zeynep Şengören Özcan and Associate Büşra Nazlı Yaldır delve into the complex area of ​​collateral infringement through a careful analysis of case law.

Competition authorities use certain formal abbreviations to identify restrictions on competition, which can be illustrated by economic reality. This formal approach, which provides legal certainty, is challenged because the consequences of the same act may vary according to different economic conditions. On the other hand, a purely economic approach is not feasible considering the existence of limited resources. These shortcuts manifest themselves as violations in US antitrust law and as collateral violations in European Union and Turkish competition law. This study presents a historical and comparative assessment of which agreements and actions are characterized as per se and as secondary to violations under the formal approach in US, EU and Turkish practice.

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