Art Talks with Brodsky, Bechara, Barratt and more from LongHouse Reserve

Estrellita Brodsky, PhD welcomed LongHouse Reserve Board of Directors and donors to her ANOTHER SPACE gallery of Latin American and Latin American artists.

Their current exhibition Spin A Yarn explores the relationship between language and textiles. Included are two works by Olga de Amaral and Sheila Hicks on loan from the LongHouse Reserve collection.

After a tour with curator and artist Raul Martinez, Dr. Brodsky settled in for an informal chat with LongHouse Reserve Director, Carrie Rebora Barratt, PhD. With her husband, Dan Brodsky, watching, Estrellita explained the genesis of her project, which “started as a search for a repository for some work of art my husband wasn’t sure in our house… But storing art and working only on my own collection didn’t make sense. It’s much more exciting to see the art, and that’s how we evolved.”

Three works by Tony Bechara are part of the exhibition ANOTHER SPACE. So the conversation naturally evolved, Brodsky and Bechara led the whole group to the Lisson Gallery and Bechara’s one man show.

“… from a figurative painter to an abstract painter…”

There, Tony explained his evolution from a figurative painter to an abstract painter and his fascination with color, “color mixing soon led to my interest in various optical effects, which in turn led to the psychology of color, (1) eventually gave way to my obsession with color theory, from Isaac Newton’s color wheel, reflected on the wall through a glass prism, as shown in his book Opticsto Goethe Color theorywho made some modification of Newton’s theory.

I also looked at the Pointillists and their understanding of the qualities of light and color. I am still fascinated by the psychology of optics, neurological responses to color and how color affects us physically and emotionally.”

Guests included LongHouse President Nina Gillman, Board members Sherri Donghia and Roger Eulau, Peter Olsen, Anne Erni, Gael Towey and Stephen Doyle and Linda Willett, as well as Cindy Farkas Glanzrock, Warren James, Grace Leonhardt, Helen Little, Raul Martinez, Bastienne Schmidt , Barbara Tober and Desiree La Valette.

Tony Bechara’s exhibition at the Lisson Gallery continues until February 17Thursday. His work is part of many museum collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Artwhere it can currently be seen.

ANOTHER SPACE is a non-profit program dedicated to presenting the work of Latin American and Latin American artists in a global context.

It was founded by art historian and collector Estrellita B. Brodsky as part of the activities of the Daniel and Estrellita B. Brodsky family foundation. The program and exhibition space are dedicated to expanding international awareness and appreciation of art from Latin America.

“…first generation Americans…parents immigrated to the United States…”

As a first-generation American whose parents immigrated to the United States in the 1940s, Dr. Brodsky has studied and also supported academic and public institutions that promote a global narrative to include Latin American and Latin American artists.

LongHouse Reserve supports living with art in all its forms. Founded by Jack Lenor Larsen, its collections, gardens, sculptures and programs reflect world cultures and inspire creative life.

“…encourages exploration and contemplation…”

East Hampton’s 16-acre sculpture garden features more than 60 outdoor works—including permanent collections of works by Yoan Capote, Buckminster Fuller, Yoko Ono, Sui Jinguao, and Willem de Kooning, and seasonal loans from artists like Wyatt Kahn, Maren Hassinger, and Ai Wei Wei—encourage exploration and reflection for new and repeat visitors alike.

As of 2023, the garden is fully open to the public for education and entertainment, with another chapter of activation of Larsen’s home (a modernist structure based on the Shinto shrine at Ise) and extensive collections.

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Photo credit: 1) Tony Bechara. 2) Raul Martinez, Bastienne Schmidt, Carrie Barratt. 3) Anne Erni, Patti Trainor-Wrazej​​​​​​4) Helen Little, Austin Scarlett. 5) Patterson Sims, Barbara Tober. 6) Bastienne Schmidt and Veronica DaSilva 7) Barbara Tober, Liz Collins. 8) Andres Perez, Jonathan Michaud. 9) Warren James, Grace Leonhardt. 10) Cindy Farkas Glanzrock, Roger Eualu, Jade Netanya Ullmann. by John Sanderson/Annie Watt Agency.

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