Boston teenager accused of murdering his father while hospitalized

The teenager from Massachusetts was arrested in connection with the murder of his father late last year, authorities announced on Friday.

Lucas Larson, 17, is in the hospital by his father, 62-year-old Brad Larson, was found dead in his Sharon, Mass. at home on Nov. 2, 2023, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said, though he did not say why Lucas was hospitalized.

The victim, a beloved member of the Sharon community, worked as an exhibit developer for the Boston Children’s Museum from 1988 to 1998 and also served as president of the city’s historical society.

Authorities said he suffered “obvious injuries” and described his death as “an apparent homicide,” but no arrests had been made until this week, when a grand jury issued a first-degree indictment for the victim’s son.

“State police detectives assigned to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office and the Sharon Police Department worked closely together during the grand jury investigation that resulted in Wednesday’s indictment,” Morrissey said in a news release.

Larson was arrested Friday morning and was scheduled to be arraigned on one count of first-degree murder in Norfolk Superior Court that afternoon. However his the indictment was postponed after Judge Debra Squires-Lee expressed concerns about the teenager’s ability to assist in his defense, reported.

A clinical psychologist who met with the teenager for evaluation said he was “mostly unresponsive to questions and mostly unaware of what was being asked of him or what was happening.”

Squires-Lee ordered Larson committed without bail to the Worcester Rehabilitation Center and Hospital pending a competency evaluation.

It is expected February back in court. 22, according to NBC Boston.

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