Will artificial intelligence blur the lines between the digital and the real? | by Flavio Aliberti | January 2024

Explore the impact of artificial intelligence on reality: a journey to AI-created truths, societal shifts and the search for understanding in a world reshaped by technology

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HAVE: not only a tool, but also a sculptor of our reality. In this digital age, the perception of truth is no longer static; it is dynamic, constantly evolving and shaped by algorithms and bytes.

We are not just users of technology.

We are participants in a great experiment where artificial intelligence is redefining the boundaries of knowledge and perception.

Gone are the days when reality was only observed. Now, in the hands of artificial intelligence, reality is a canvas that is constantly being redrawn and reshaped. This shift is a direct evolution of the social media a revolution where voices from around the world began to weave the tapestry of our collective narrative.

But AI takes this story further. It not only amplifies voices, but creates a multitude of perspectives, each tailored to individual biases and preferences.

In this new age we must wonder:

What version of reality are we entering?

It is a kaleidoscope of truths, each more vivid and compelling than the last, or a mirage artfully crafted to reflect our deepest desires and fears? This article peels back the layers of this exciting new world where AI is both wizard and magic, conjuring up realities that challenge our assumptions and certainties.

When did the ground beneath us begin to shift? It began inconspicuously, with social media — a mere ripple now swelled into HAVE tidal wave. Social media was the messenger, the first whisper of a change in how we consume, create and perceive information. The seeds of today’s reality were born on this digital playground.

In the early days of social media, it was like liberation—a democratization of voices where everyone could speak and be heard. Platforms like Facebook

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