Seabrook approved for residential development in Pacific Beach

Developers of Seabrook, a growing resort on the north shore of Grays Harbor County, recently received approval for their first residential development in the nearby community of Pacific Beach.

The Grays Harbor County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday morning unanimously approved a development agreement with Placemaker Homes LLC, a Pacific Beach company led by Seabrook co-founder and developer Casey Roloff, to subdivide 17 acres into 95 lots with plans for 158 units. new housing.

On land adjacent to state Route 109 and across from the Naval property, developers plan to build 82 single-family homes, four duplexes and 68 condo or apartment units on the neighborhood’s pedestrian-friendly streets, green spaces and Seabrook-like yards.

The style may be similar, but unlike Seabrook, Roloff said, the Pacific Beach property was purchased “primarily to create more affordable housing.”

The approval of the new Pacific Beach development under Placemaker Homes follows major progress for Seabrook Land Company in 2023 when it was approved for a pair of village additions to add a total of 365 acres and 1,100 new lots on either side. present city, according to previous reports from Daily world.

With expansion in motion and a tight affordable housing market, Roloff said, Seabrook also wanted to provide “adequate housing for people who wanted to live and work on the beach.”

“With over 150 homes, it’s really going to help sustain the revitalization of Pacific Beach’s main street,” Roloff said in an interview. “There are a lot of great things happening on Main Street.

Sam Nielson, who leads infrastructure planning and design at Seabrook and is vice president of engineering and permitting at Placemaker, told county commissioners via Zoom at Tuesday’s meeting that the new homes will be “a little bit smaller than what you see in Seabrook.” , hopefully a little more grassroots.”

“We looked at a lot of different options,” Nielson said at the meeting. “What is included in this is some apartment buildings, apartments or condos, or however we divide it up.” There are several multi-family included in this to meet these price points and requirements.”

The development passed a state environmental review in December through Grays Harbor County. The county’s planning commission recommended approving the project after a public hearing in January. 2 after receiving two opinions in support of the development and none opposed.

The existing site, zoned as a recreation center, is a mixture of a wooded area with several buildings, including a mobile home and a house.

According to the Grays Harbor County Assessor’s website, Placemaker Homes bought the 12-acre lot for about $700,000 in October 2020 and bought a second five-acre lot containing the home for nearly $1.2 million the following March.

In addition to housing, the development may include parks, trails and retail, according to planning documents, though Roloff said he would rather rely on downtown Pacific Beach shops than have Seabrook build its own retail.

A little more than half of the 17-hectare project area will be buildable land, with approximately three and a half hectares of greenery and the same amount of private roads.

The county granted Placemaker Homes an exemption to typical speed and parking rules, allowing the development to adopt lower speeds for a mixed urban environment.

Nielson said those differences are based on city street guidelines approved by the Washington State Department of Transportation and other agencies.

Also, new homes in the planned development area will not be limited by Grays Harbor County’s short-term rental permit requirements as long as they are all managed by a single company. Roloff said Daily world as of last year, all of Seabrook’s vacation rentals are managed by the city’s hospitality department, meaning it already has infrastructure like security and staff to mitigate potential rental issues, and since new developments are being built from scratch, any short-term rentals won’t displace existing ones quarter.

Roloff said the new development is meant to provide primary housing, not vacation rentals.

Construction is expected to begin this year, and construction will take place in four phases, each of which will have 10 to 50 lots. The timing of future phases will depend on market conditions, according to the planning documents, and will begin at the southern end of the site.

The new homes will connect to the Grays Harbor District water and sewer system in Pacific Beach.

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