Are we learning from AI now? | by Flavio Aliberti | Medium

Explore how advances in artificial intelligence are reshaping skills and knowledge, teaching us to ask the right questions in a world where machines offer endless answers

Created with DALL-E

Welcome to the future. Robots were not taken over. Yet. But they teach us a lesson. Conversation lessons.

Labor market? It’s scary.

Experiences? To the back seat.

The new MVP? The art of asking. Yes, I’m asking.

We don’t talk about coffee. We are talking about important conversations with machines. Machines full of data, waiting. Waiting for our questions.

Think about it. Genius in a bottle. But forget the three wishes. The game of this genie is endless. Ask away.

Here’s the twist. We learn to speak like machines. Thanks, social media. Our cats? Shorts. Elegant. Almost robotic. Soon, machines may find us boring. Imagine that. Humans are too boring for robots.

It’s time to get up. Shake. Ask the right questions. Make those machines think, ‘Wow, that’s deep.'”

Enthusiastic. That’s new monarch in the city. An unsung hero? Now in the spotlight. It’s confirming, questioning and sometimes outsmarting our digital friends.

Imagine this: HAVE, your new best friend. From ‘What’s the weather?’ “Solving this quantum puzzle” has answers. But here’s the catch – it’s only as good as we feed it. Garbage in, garbage out, as the saying goes.

Think of it as a master chef’s kitchen. Ingredients? It is yours enthusiastic. Dish? The answers you get. Throw in a premium enthusiastic. So! Gourmet observations. Throw in leftovers and you’ve got digital junk food.

Now let’s spice it up. We’re not just talking about facts and figures. We talk about narratives, stories, the human touch. Why? Because HAVE, hurt his circuits, still can’t grab a good yarn. It’s like teaching a robot to appreciate grandma’s cooking. Good luck.

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