Where is the Life Sciences supply chain headed? | by Flavio Aliberti | January 2024

Explore the evolution of life sciences supply chains from ERP systems to AI-driven networks and the future of efficient and agile orchestration

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In the last one 20 yearshumanities supply chain have evolved radically. OF dominance of ERP on network orchestration, the change is in progress. Once upon a time ERP, centralization ruled data and streamlining operation. They were effective, but limited.

Then the complexity grew. CMO and CRO entered and expanded supply chains beyond traditional boundaries. Tea COVID disruption drew attention to the urgency of this shift. Now it’s not just about internal management; it is about navigation networks.

Today’s landscape demands agility. Orchestral platforms are growing, but we’re in the middle of a transition. They promised real-time collaboration and decentralized efficiency. This is not only changing; It is supply chain revolution in life sciences. Way? It’s far from over.

ERP systems once stood like pillars life sciences supply chain. Centralized and robust, integrated internal processes and data management with unmatched accuracy. At this time there were supply chains linear and predictable. Everything, from Production on distributionthey followed a set path, a controlled flow within the walls of the organization.

ERPs excel in this environment. They brought order to complexity, transforming chaotic data into structured and accessible information. Inventory, Procurement, finance — all these cogs in the supply chain machine have been synchronized through a central ERP command. This was the age data in siloswhere each department’s information was a guarded treasure, shared sparingly.

External cooperation was minimal, almost an afterthought. Relations with suppliers and distributors were straightforward, individual, absent today interconnected intricacies. The focus was inward on optimizing what was within reach, under control.

ERPs are invaluable in the life sciences where following the regulations and quality control they are lifelines, not just best practices. They have ensured that every transaction adheres to strict industry standards…

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