HeyPiggy Review 2024: Legit Survey Site?

Online surveys are a great option if you want to earn extra money. You can do them at your leisure and get free gift cards. One site that is growing in popularity is HeyPiggy.

In this HeyPiggy review, I find out what it’s all about and if it’s worth joining.

HeyPiggy Overview

Hello Piglet is an online survey site that pays you for your opinion. Once you’ve joined (membership is free), you can browse the available surveys to take on your dashboard.

If you qualify for surveys and complete them, you will earn money exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards.

How does HeyPiggy work?

When registering a HeyPiggy account, you must fill out a profile. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to qualify for surveys. That’s because big companies like Netflix, Starbucks, and Amazon want the opinions of people from specific demographics. The more HeyPiggy knows about you, the easier it is to match you to surveys.

Once your profile is complete, the rest is up to HeyPiggy. As soon as qualifying surveys become available, they will alert you to this opportunity. If you take a survey while it’s still open and qualify, you can answer its questions and earn money.

Each survey tells you how much it costs and how long it should take. This allows you to choose the best paying surveys or the ones you have the most time to complete.

HeyPiggy also uses a rating system to let you know how likely you are to qualify for the survey. The more stars a survey has, the more likely you are to qualify and get paid.

In some countries, you can withdraw from USD 1. You can choose from a wide variety of gift cards, including Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, Sephora, and PayPal cash or even charitable donations. In total, HeyPiggy has over 155 rewards to choose from, allowing you to work towards your goals and earn extra cash or prizes.

Does HeyPiggy have a mobile app?

HeyPiggy is available on Google Play and the iOS Appstore. So if you have a cell phone, you can make money easily away from home if you have an internet connection.

Who is HeyPiggy best for?

HeyPiggy is for anyone who would like a little extra cash in their pocket. Of course you won’t make enough to pay the bills. But a little extra spending money or money to reach your financial goals is good. All you need is a little free time and a willingness to share your opinion.

Is HeyPiggy legit?

HeyPiggy is legit. I used the site to earn a few bucks by answering questions. Like I said before, you won’t get rich doing it, but you can have a little fun and make some money doing it.

Reviewers on Trustpilot agree, giving HeyPiggy a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, reviewed by nearly 500 people.

Gain potential

You can make money with HeyPiggy, but not much. Surveys pay an average of $0.25 to $4, with most paying around $1. Obviously, you would have to answer a lot of surveys to earn a significant amount of money, but it can be a fun way to put some money in your pocket.

How to get paid

When you have enough money for the voucher you want to redeem, you select it and wait for the prize to arrive. HeyPiggy states that you should receive the prize immediately in your inbox, but some reviewers say they’ve waited up to eight hours.

I personally received my payment after 2 hours.

Pros and cons

All survey locations have good and bad sides. Here’s what to consider with HeyPiggy.


  • Free to join
  • Payouts start at $1
  • Easy to qualify for most surveys
  • Lots of surveys to choose from
  • Leveling system for more rewards


  • They may not qualify for all surveys
  • Pay may be low depending on survey

We’re getting started

His easy to sign up for HeyPiggy. Start by filling out the registration form, which requires your email address, a generated password, and your gender. After opening an account, you will provide more detailed information about yourself so that they can match you with surveys.


HeyPiggy is a German company that takes security very seriously. They keep only the necessary information. All the information they store is in their own services, not on cloud servers.

Customer service

To access HeyPiggy’s customer support, you must first create an account. First, they recommend that you check out the member FAQ page available. If you have further questions, you can use the contact form to contact customer service.

If you don’t have an account yet, but would like to contact HeyPiggy, visit them contact page send your message. Don’t forget to include your email address so you can get a reply!

Final verdict

HeyPiggy is a simple way to earn some money. Most people qualify. It only depends on the information you provide to determine how many surveys you will receive.

The more surveys you answer, the more money you earn, but there is no minimum or maximum you can do. My review of HeyPiggy is that it’s worth a try!

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