Lords of the Circles and the Return of Innovation | by Flavio Aliberti | December 2023

Master resilience, innovation and adaptability to thrive in dynamic markets and successful M&A outcomes by unlocking the power of ‘Magic Circles’

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In a complex world organizational behaviorthere is an ancient and enduring concept:Magic circles.’ At its core, this model visualizes the organization as a series of concentric circles, each embodying the influence and reach of a leader. Shaped by past experiences and leadership styles, these circles intersect and overlap to create a dynamic interplay Power supply, dominationand responsibility.

“Magic circles” reflect the structures of feudal courts medieval. Then, endurance he was a keystone of survival, with each courtesan finding protection and purpose within the circle of her lecher. This historical parallel offers a fascinating lens to watch modern organizational structures. It is a reminder that the principles that govern human interaction and performance dynamics they have remained consistent in many ways throughout the ages.

However, as we stand in modern eramarked with fast technological progress and constantly shifting market landscape, the ‘Magic Circles’ model requires reinterpretation. Unlike their medieval counterparts, today’s organizations operate in globalized and the connected world. Their challenges require deep capacity innovation and adaptability, not just resilience.

In this survey, we delve into the “magic circles” of organizational resilience and explore how this ancient concept holds up in the face of today’s business challenges. We will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of this model, vote for its vulnerability changes in the market and mergers and acquisitionsand devise strategies to reshape it for modern era. Our ‘Magic Circles’ journey is more than just a study of organizational structures; it is an effort to understand the essence leadership and teamwork in an ever-evolving world.

Visualize a plan with big ring representing border organization. Within this boundary, imagine a set of…

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