Tall Tails, Polkadog Partner to Give the Gift of Comfort, Joy Over 100 WARL, Quincy Shelter Dogs

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Press Release: Tall Tails

Tall Tails has committed to donating one blanket for every blanket sold in Polkadog stores. With the help of Polkadog customers, we were able to donate 134 blankets to two local animal shelters – the Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL) and the Quincy Animal Shelter. Blankets are a much sought after gift as they provide a layer of comfort in kennels and can be sent home with adopted dogs to ease the transition to their forever home.

In addition to 100 Tall Tails blankets and $1,000 worth of Polkadog treats, Tall Tails donated more than 50 toys to WARL and let adoptable dogs choose their favorite toy as a special holiday gift.

Please follow the heartfelt donation here.

“Tall Tails would like to thank the customers of Polkadog for purchasing a Tall Tails blanket that donated the blanket to the Worcester Animal Rescue League. Together, we were able to provide warmth and comfort to more than a hundred cats and dogs in the shelter. The charitable partnership between Tall Tails and Polkadog is what makes the independent specialty pet industry special,” said George Barton, Director of Marketing for Tall Tails.

“We love working with like-minded brands in the industry, so when Tall Tails approached us as a partner for their cross-platform initiative, we were ecstatic! There is no better feeling than seeing people come together for a good cause and being able to give back to the community, especially during the holidays. It was a day I will never forget,” said Kelsey Sora, Director of Marketing at Polkadog.

Tall Tails understands that dogs are more than just pets – they’re family. A pet brand helps you give back to the animal that shows you unconditional love with the products it deserves. Our mission is to comfort those who comfort us. Our priority is to strengthen the bond between you and your best friend and provide your pups with the best of everything from playing to sleeping. For more than four generations and 85 years, Tall Tails has been serving those closest to you—creating products for babies and children from WWII through 2014. Tall Tails continues to apply the same safety standards for baby products to the supplies we create for your pets today , ensuring all products are safe – and fun! – for your pets.

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