Sustainable insect protein pet food brand Grubbly Farms raises Series A funding

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Press Release: Grubbly Farms

Grubbly Farms, a pet food company that uses black soldier fly protein as a healthier and more sustainable protein alternative, recently announced that it has closed a Series A funding round. The round was co-led by in-house investors Overline and Oval Park Capital, with reinvestment from Chris Klausfounder of Internet Security Systems and current CEO of Fusion World and Gina Del Vecchio, co-founder and general partner at Off Leash Ventures.

With this capital infusion, Grubbly Farms plans to double down on its historical focus on the domestic chicken market, which is currently estimated at 4 billion dollars per year. Since its inception in 2015, Grubbly Farms has become the dominant premium backyard, chicken and pet food brand with over 15,000 five-star reviews and a 50 percent subscriber retention rate after 12 months (compared to the pet industry average of 33 percent). Domestic chickens are the third most popular pet in America, behind only dogs and cats. Grubbly Farms has answered the demand for high-quality, all-natural options for flock owners who want healthier options for their chickens.

“When it comes to pet chicken feed, backyard flock owners with a higher standard of quality ingredients have been largely underserved. There is huge potential for how we can use black soldier fly to support pet nutrition, and we know this is just the beginning,” said Co-Founder and CEO. Sean Warner.

Over 1 trillion dollars has been invested in insect producers as they seek to develop and produce sustainable proteins at a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions of traditional proteins. Mushrooms are obtained from food waste deposited in landfills. By partnering with insect producers around the world, Grubbly Farms has helped divert more than 30 million pounds of food waste.

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