PetSmart, Founder of Petsense, Achieves Best-Selling Author Status on Amazon with ‘Pet Project’

Press release: Pand Project

Jim Dougherty, Founder of PetSmart and Petsense by Tractor Supply, US Navy Veteran, World Pet Association Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and now Best Selling Author, is proud to launch his latest book: “Pet Project: How Simple the idea changed the cottage industry forever.”

Upon its release and cementing its status as a must-read for budding entrepreneurs and pet lovers alike, “The Pet Project” celebrates the fascinating world of human-animal bonds and the values ​​of teamwork and leadership it took to create two of the largest retailers in the pet retail category. As well as securing the top spots on Amazon’s bestseller charts, Pet Project also reached #1 on the NEW RELEASE list in the Animal Care & Pets and Retail categories, while holding a similar position on the NEW RELEASE lists in Australia and the UK .

This extraordinary monograph provides an insider’s look at the founding and subsequent success of Tractor Supply’s PetSmart and Petsense. It guides readers through the journey of Dougherty, an entrepreneur and visionary who transformed the pet industry and created a brand that celebrates the bond between people and their pets. In a concerted effort to explain Dougherty’s resilience and determination, this memoir features more than 60 interviews with pet industry executives, leaders, and professionals.

With compelling determination and a listening ear, Jim and his team launched a one-stop shop that revolutionized the pet retail industry, giving animal lovers unparalleled access to premium products.

“I think Jim is a pioneer, and we all need pioneers to start an idea,” said Bob Moran, former chairman and CEO of PetSmart. “He was the father of the pet parents. It’s been fun taking Jim’s legacy to the next level, but it wouldn’t have been possible without his original idea.”

The book is not just for pet lovers, but for anyone who wants to discover the importance of resilience, determination and customer-centric approaches to business. “Pet Project” is an inspiring story of how one man’s vision and passion can change the world for the better. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves pets or is interested in business.

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