A team that closes the voluntary intoxication gap for survivors

This Sexual Violence Awareness Month 2023, Cura Collective and its coalition partners held a press conference in Foley Square, New York City.

The event emphasizes that according to the current law from Harlem to Hollisthe rape of a person who voluntarily became intoxicated is not considered rape.

Unfortunately, New York the law requires that the mental incapacity results from the person being under the influence without their consent. This creates what is now called the voluntary intoxication loophole, i.e. if the victim voluntarily becomes intoxicated, the rape statute does not apply. This prevents many victims from having their case investigated much less, thereby achieving some semblance of justice.

Together, this gap can be closed by adopting new legislation. in New York, there are two bills to close this loophole, one in the State Assembly and one in the State Senate. In order for this bill to pass, it must leave committee in both chambers and then be voted on on both the House and Senate floors.

Only after ratification by both chambers can the bill move into the hands of Governor Hochul New York finally catching up with other states like Arkansas and North Carolina that have already closed the gap.

Among those in attendance were: Lizzie Asher (President & Co-Founder of Cura Collective), Casey Kohlberg, Laura Day Webb, Rachelle Di Stasio (Miss NY USA), Rep. Dinowitz, Rep. Hesevi, Former US Congresswoman Maloney, Stefan Turkheimer (VP of Public Policy, RAINN) , Chris Lake (Exec Director, Community for a Cause), Erica Vladimer, (Founder of the Sexual Harassment Task Force). Jimmy Meagher (Policy Director, Safe Horizon).

Including Emily Miles (Executive Director, NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault), Cura Collective, Community for a Cause, New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, Safe Horizon, Sign 4 ERA, Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, Violence Intervention Program, Sexual Harassment Working Group, Joyful Heart Foundation, National Women’s Defense League, NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, Crime Victims Treatment Center of NY.

Photo credit: 1) Casey Kohlberg, Chris Lake, Lizzie Asher, Stefan Turkheimer, Laura Day Webb. 2) Mrs. Di Stasio, Rachelle Di Stasio. 3) Former Congresswoman Maloney, Senator Nathalia Fernandez and Assemblyman Dinowitz. 4) Assemblyman Alex Bores and Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal.

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