How I Used My Social Work Skills To Be A Profitable Investor | by Kola Gbadamasi | October 2023

Your skills are valuable – here’s how to use them.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

At first glance, working in social services and investing in the stock market seem far apart.

However, as I became consistently profitable in the stock market, I found that the invaluable skills I gained from working in social services contributed greatly to my investment success.

The conventional image of an investor usually conjures up a stereotypically dressed middle-aged man with boots, probably from a financial background.

The truth is that anyone can become a successful investor because the skills required are not bound by gender, age or profession.

The individuals I have trained over the years have come from all walks of life.

Surprisingly, I have found that those who reach the stage of profitability early usually come from backgrounds that are completely unrelated to finance.

This worked to their advantage as it prevented them from inheriting harmful habits that could hinder their learning process. It offered them a chance to start with a clean slate.

Witnessing this continuously has further strengthened my belief that skills gained from various professions and life experiences can contribute significantly to excelling in stock market investing and other unrelated endeavors.

This particular day at work during my time in social services was like any other day. I picked up a young girl and took her to spend a few hours with her parents, who she sees every week.

When we arrived, the girl’s parents greeted her with hugs and kisses and then we made our way to our assigned room.

I could see that something did not please the father. Turns out he wasn’t happy with his room choice.

It did not have all the facilities he required, such as suitable toys and a kitchenette to prepare lunch.

Instead of politely asking for an alternate room, he proceeded to punch and kick the walls in the reception area, intimidating the staff.

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