Crystal’s Kroger pick-up trips from the past two weeks

I did two Kroger pickup trips for the past two weeks! Here were the offers I got:

Two weeks ago: $103.27 (applied $10 off $100 off coupon Kroger sent me)

The pasta was $0.99 so I was excited to buy some!

Pears and more were $0.99/lb. My kids (and Jesse and I!) love pears, so I’m always excited when there’s a deal!

I’ve been buying more snacks and convenience foods lately, as you’ve probably noticed. It’s a time when I’m grateful that people are getting to eat and that there are good takeout sales, and I try not to feel guilty about choosing to prioritize people and relationships over cooking from scratch. I know the day will come soon when I can probably cook from scratch again and I look forward to it. But for now, I’m doing the best I can with the time and energy I have!

Here’s everything I got for $103!

Last week: $118

Bacon was $3.99, bags of Tyson chicken $4.99, and Kit-Kat and Nestlé donuts $3.99.

Strawberries were $1.99, Red Baron pizza was $3.99 and Pace salsa was $1.79.

Butter was $2.49, chocolate milk was $1.69, and apple cider was $1.99.

The total was $118 for all these groceries.

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