Vampyre Cosmetics x Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Makeup Collaboration

Vampyre Cosmetics x Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: The Ultimate Makeup Collaboration

SAN DIMAS, CA, USA, Oct. 30, 2023 / — Vampyre Cosmetics, a pioneering disruptor of the spectacular, recognized for its unparalleled collaborations on predominantly cosmetics-based IP, is excited to announce its “most winning” long-form film collaboration. collection, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The partnership embodies the film’s guiding philosophy – “Being Excellent for Everyone” – and brings it to life through a holiday range set to dazzle makeup fans in 2023. With a legacy of inclusivity, Vampyre Cosmetics is fully poised to create makeup expertise that honors the spirit of Bill & Ted and their enduring message of camaraderie.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is known for its timeless message of unity and positivity. The collection of movies encourages us all to “Be Excellent to Everyone Else” and “Socialize, Dude!”. Vampyre Cosmetics has taken these iconic phrases and reworked them right into a makeup collection that embodies the very essence of Bill & Ted’s adventure through time.

Best Collaboration: The Bill & Ted Assortment

For holiday gross sales in 2023, Vampyre Cosmetics is launching a set that celebrates the legendary Wyld Stallyns and their escapades through time. This vegan range will work:

Microphone-Formed Lipsticks: Lipsticks that pay homage to Wyld Stallyns’ legendary microphones.

Guitar Palettes: Two eyeshadow palettes inspired by the lingering guitar riffs of Bill and Ted.

Amp Palette: Immerse yourself in the world of rock ‘n’ roll with an amp-themed palette.

Ensemble Participant Palette: Spin the magic of magnificence with this document player-inspired palette that delivers a medley of mesmerizing hues that dance to a magical beat.

“We’re thrilled to bring the spirit of Bill & Ted to the makeup world,” says Rachel Clinesmith, CEO of Vampyre Cosmetics. “Our collaboration with this collection embodies the enduring message of ‘Be Excellent to Everyone Else’, our aim is to promote camaraderie, positivity and creativity through colorful cosmetics.”

Inclusivity is a core value of Vampyre cosmetics. As a Girls Enterprise Nationwide Council licensed company, Vampyre Cosmetics has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusivity in its cosmetics and corporate practices. Vampyre Cosmetics LLC is girl-owned, disabled, LGBTQ owned and committed to inexperienced demands, clear magnificence and transparency throughout the range they make. Vampyre Cosmetics’ Bill & Ted range welcomes everyone to attack the Wylda Stallyns in celebration of unity and spreading kindness through makeup and music.

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