What if the sale of the product includes planning to return it | by Flavio Aliberti | October 2023

Explore the idea of ​​designing products for sustainability and circular economy. Immerse yourself in a world where every sale plans a product return

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Imagine the traffic airport terminal. The hum of conversation, the shuffling of feet, the anticipation in the air. Now imagine each traveler as a product, eager and ready for the next adventure. As well as a passenger takes a flight to explore a new city, soak up its culture and return home enriched with produce, expedition.

From the moment they are conceived in a designer’s mind to the moment they find a place in our homes, these product travelers go through a maze experiences. They touch countless hands, adapt to changing environments, and gather stories to complement them essence.

In this story we dive deep into the world of these circular commuter. We will follow their steps, understand their desires and discover a complex dance trade and conservation which ensures that their return journeys are equally rewarding and sustainable.

For readers who are pressed for time, you can jump to end article for the key takeaways that allow you to capture the essence without losing value.

A return ticket for each product

Image year airport terminal bustling with activity. In the crowd stands a seasoned traveler, familiar with the routes, ready for the next journey. This analogy reflects each product that leaves the distribution center and is destined for a specific client. Designed with sustainability in mind, it should carry a round trip ticket.

Each product, like our eager traveler, is packaged potential and purpose. When it leaves the distribution center, it carries with it the promise of utility, of fulfilling a need, of making a difference in the consumer’s life. But his journey shouldn’t end once he reaches his destination. The experiences he gathers, the wear and tear, the memories he becomes a part of all add layers to his story.

Now imagine that our traveler is returning from a journey. Collected memories, stories…

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