The Coast Guard has suspended its search for a missing Westport vessel

The Coast Guard has suspended its search for a missing Westport vessel

The vessel put to sea on October 12

The Coast Guard suspended its search Wednesday morning for the fishing boat Evening and its two crew, which had returned from Westport after several days of searching.

The search for the fishing boat began Sunday when a family member reported they were due back, according to Coast Guard Public Affairs Specialist Petty Officer 2nd Class Steve Strohmaier.

“Coast Guard members at Station Grays Harbor in Westport received a call from the daughter of one of the men who said their father was due to return home from a fishing trip,” Strohmaier said in an email. “She wasn’t sure of their intended target, so the Coast Guard had a wide search area.”

The vessel departed Oct. 12 and was scheduled to return Oct. 15, according to a Coast Guard social media post. The Coast Guard dispatched crews aboard an MH-60 Jayhawk from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria and a C-130 from CGAS Kodiak to search the area.

“Coast Guard crews focused our physical search north to south from areas off the southwest coast of Vancouver Island (west of Ucluelet, BC), south to Newport, Oregon,” Strohmaier said. “The aircrews were searching an essentially rectangular area going as far north and south as mentioned earlier and in an area from east to west about 100 miles off the coast of Oregon, Washington and the (southwest) coast of Vancouver Island.”

Aircrews are broadcasting information about the vessel on the International Maritime Distress Channel, asking sailors to watch for the vessel, Strohmaier.

“We have also asked all Coast Guard crews based in Washington and Oregon to watch the vessel in their local ports in case the individuals come in for supplies or fuel,” Strohmaier said. “It is very unusual for a vessel to be completely lost.

While the search is suspended, information such as the sighting of a life preserver or receiving a message from sailors on board would restart the search, Strohmaier said.

“Then we could start the search again with this amplifying information,” Strohmaier said. “But at this point we had to make the difficult decision to put the case on hold. Our biggest consideration in this choice is the safety of our crews.”

The Coast Guard expressed its condolences to the sailors’ families in a social media post.

Anyone with information on the location of this vessel is asked to contact the Coast Guard at 206-220-7001, according to a social media post.

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