Zonegreen provides a contract for the maintenance of monuments

Zonegreen technician servicing the company’s DPPS system.

RAir safety specialist Zonegreen marks a milestone in its development after signing a maintenance contract with its 50th UK depot.

The Sheffield-based firm has entered into an agreement with Northern Trains to maintain its Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) at the Hull Botanic Gardens facility.

Zonegreen will make bi-annual visits to Hull to ensure that the DPPS is in good working order. The first is scheduled for November this year.

DPPS was recently installed in the Botanic Gardens’ two road maintenance hall as part of a multi-million pound overhaul to increase service capacity. The automated safety system protects staff using Network Rail approved derailleurs controlled by intelligent control panels to create safe zones in which staff can work.

Christian Fletcher, head of engineering at Zonegreen, said: “The RSB estimates that ill health costs the rail industry £899 million a year, with 1.3 million days lost due to illness alone. Given that this is double the national average, it is clear that a clear focus on safety must be a priority.

“Technology plays a significant role in mitigating the significant risks faced by depot staff, making the UK rail industry one of the safest in the world. However, to achieve optimal performance, it is essential to complete Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM). Regular PPM visits ensure the necessary inspections of critical components are performed and can help identify potential problems before they become real.

“We are delighted that Northern Trains has recognized the benefit of planned maintenance in protecting its investment in the Botanic Gardens and the increasing number of staff who work there. Looking after the safeguarding systems of at least 50 UK deposits really underlines the high regard in which our expertise is held.”

Zonegreen’s highly skilled team not only maintains its flagship DPPS, but also the protection systems installed by other manufacturers.

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