PD ports reach 100,000. Intasite induction

Mick Robinson (PD), Andy Martin (Intasite), Andy Murphy (Intasite), Danielle Croce (Intasite), Andy Watson (PD)

Intasite, a leading provider of innovative workplace safety solutions for high-hazard industries, has completed a successful health and safety visit to over 100,000 visitors across three PD Ports locations.

One of the UK’s major port groups became Intasite’s inaugural client, trialling its innovative induction program in June 2016, which led to the implementation of the system at PD Ports’ three northern branches: Teesport Unitised, Teesport Bulks and Hartlepool.

Intasite tailor-made, specific introductory videos that meet the requirements of carriers, visitors and suppliers, ensuring that each user receives only the information they need. The program also includes live 2D and 3D animations, showing access roads, one-way systems and speed limits to ensure better understanding and engagement.

Stockton’s software is integrated with the PD Ports automated gateway, enabling real-time transfer of induction completion data. The system will also adapt to the truck drivers’ preferred language settings. Additionally, when a driver renews their induction, it automatically syncs their access card and streams the process for visitors and personal office passes. This automated approach improves health and safety measures by immediately denying entry to anyone without a valid induction.

The collaboration also had a positive impact on the environment as Intasite planted around 400 trees as part of an initiative to plant one tree for every 100 client initiatives.

The milestone follows Intasite’s confirmation of major new clients across industries, including AB InBev, which brews Budweiser, and CityFibre. In addition, Intasite has expanded its presence in the renewable energy sector through collaborations with Equinor’s Dogger Bank Wind Farm, SSE Renewables, EDF Renewables, Hitachi Energy and SeAH Wind.

Intasite’s platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the deployment process, enabling companies to provide interactive security modules that can be accessed and completed from any desktop or mobile device. The platform also features supplier and vendor management, security briefings, language translations and integration with access control for enhanced security.

Intasite’s commitment to providing efficient and user-friendly induction solutions for health and safety has won recognition in the UK industry. The company’s in-house production team specializes in creating health and safety introductory videos, ensuring content is tailored to specific safety requirements and industry standards.

Digitizing and streamlining the onboarding process enables organizations to improve employee engagement and understanding, reduce non-compliance risks and foster a culture of safety.

Danielle Croce, Director of Intasite, said: “Reaching the 100,000th deployment with PD Ports is a testament to our commitment to supporting a safer workplace. We thank them for putting their trust in us from day one.

“We are excited that our platform is having a positive impact not only on PD Ports, but also on our growing list of clients in various sectors. Our mission is to continue to innovate and partner with organizations to improve workplace safety and streamline onboarding processes.”

Mick Robinson, Group Safety Manager at PD Ports, said: “The services Intasite provides at Teesport have transformed our operations – automating our driver training process means arrivals are faster, smoother and safer as we believe drivers from across Europe received a safety briefing in their own language.

“Achieving this milestone in just a few years shows the scale of our business and how critical it is for us to have a system we can trust. We have a very positive working relationship with Intasite, who are always flexible and willing to come up with a solution to any problem.”

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