Nine Republicans are vying for Speaker of the House

Nine Republican lawmakers have entered the fray for Speaker of the House before a closed candidate forum Monday night, as the GOP chaos shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minnesota), who was the No. 3 leader of the GOP under ousted former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, appears to be the nominal pioneerthough he is battling reports that former President Donald Trump opposes his bid.

Republican lawmakers will vote on Tuesday to nominate one of the candidates, in what could be a grueling scramble for Emmer or anyone else to win majority support behind closed doors.

Once a nominee is selected, that nominee will seek the support of a majority of all votes on the House floor, a daunting task. killed the once-promising candidacy of Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and hardliner Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

It’s unclear whether any of the new candidates — or any Republican, for that matter — can win the necessary 217 GOP votes to put an end to the mess the screwed up committee had brought upon itself.

After three weeks of leaderless chaos, there is still no apparent path back to normal for the GOP-held House.

Some Republicans say they would consider a move to choose a temporary replacement, but the idea failed last week mainly because it would require finding Democratic support.

The crisis erupted when a small group eight right-wing Republicans outpolled McCarthythe first time in history that the Speaker of the House of Representatives has been ousted in that role while in power.

All nine candidates are men and include only one who is not white: Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Florida), who is black.

Emmer is a longtime member of the House GOP leadership and former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

He is a staunch conservative but is considered part of the mainstream establishment wing of the party. That alone could be enough to doom his candidacy, as some far-right members may object to him.

Trump has signaled his disapproval of Emmer, adding to the hurdles the Emmets will have to overcome.

Rep. Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Oklahoma) would also make an appearance they have a significant base of support as leader of the conservative Republican Study Committee, a key faction of the GOP.

Donalds is a relative newcomer, but he has he made a splash like an eloquent voice in the right-wing pro-Trump wing of the party.

He initially joined the opposition to McCarthy in January when the former speaker won the gavel by 15 votes, but ended up supporting McCarthy.

The prospects for any candidate being able to win the near-unanimous caucus vote needed to win appear bleak.

McCarthy, Scalise, and Jordan commanded the loyalty of large parts of the GOP caucus, but they were also fundamentally supportive bitter enough opposition to sink their bids.

So far, Democrats have remained on the sidelines of the GOP’s civil war with lawmakers vote for Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries on the floor of the house.

That could change if Republicans prove unable to elect a speaker. Democrats could agree to allow a moderate Republican to win by abstaining en masse.

Jeffries said Democrats do consider negotiating a solution but he would insist on a compromise that would allow a vote on essential foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel, along with a spending package to keep the government open after the Thanksgiving shutdown.

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