Arbitration Angle: 2023 Edition – Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural edition Arbitration angle, Bennett Jones’ arbitration reporter. As group leader of our firm’s arbitration practice, I am pleased to introduce this comprehensive source of insights, updates and analysis in the dynamic area of ​​arbitration. Our commitment is to provide you with a holistic view of arbitration related news and developments through diversified perspectives – hence the name, Arbitration angle.

In this inaugural edition, we delve into the key developments that have taken place in the world of arbitration in recent months. We divide these developments into three broad streams: (1) domestic, (2) international, and (3) in practice. Our team of experienced professionals will offer you valuable insights and practical, practical tips to help you ensure that your legal rights are preserved and protected should you ever find yourself in arbitration.

At Bennett Jones, we take great pride in our innovative, collaborative approach to providing world-class arbitration services. Our relentless commitment to excellence and service to our clients has cemented our reputation as the premier arbitration team in Canada. We strongly believe that informed clients are empowered clients and Arbitration angle serves as a way to share our knowledge and insights with you.

My sincere thanks to our contributors whose expertise and dedication enriched this edition. Their insightful analysis and practical tips will undoubtedly resonate with lawyers, corporate decision-makers and arbitration enthusiasts alike.

Thank you for choosing Arbitration angle as your source for all things arbitration. We hope you find this issue informative and engaging, and we remain available for any questions or further discussions regarding the evolving arbitration landscape.

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