Quickline equips the next generation with digital skills for life as part of a new schools initiative

Involvement of Project and Education Partnerships Manager Michael Evans with the Quickline degree program.

RUral broadband provider Quickline Communications is set to provide essential digital skills and knowledge to school and college students in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as part of a new initiative launched this month.

Quickline has partnered with creative education specialist Engaging Education to upskill and empower the next generation.

The organizations worked together to develop a curriculum that will be implemented in elementary and middle schools as well as colleges of further education across the communities served by Quickline.

The curriculum includes a series of engaging and interactive lessons on topics such as cyber security; online security; fake news; handling of information; and device usage.

It also considers digital deprivation; barriers to digital access; the importance of digital skills for all; as well as encouraging women into technology roles.

Delivered by Quickline’s Social Value and Engagement team and representatives from Engaging Education, the modules and activities are designed to stimulate conversations with teachers about online safety to help improve safety.

The program also aims to encourage parents and carers to engage with their children in digital literacy.

Julian Chalk, Head of Engagement and Enablement at Quickline, which aims to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban locations, said: “We have a responsibility to support the education of the people living in the communities we serve.

“Our investment in providing a digital skills training program reflects our unwavering belief that access to the digital world should be a gateway to knowledge, opportunity and empowerment.

“By equipping the next generation with these essential skills, we’re not just connecting them to the Internet, we’re connecting them to a future full of limitless possibilities.”

Quickline’s social value manager, Julie Holmes, is one of those delivering the new program.

She said: “This partnership is about positive impact.

“We believe in the power of education to inspire young people to pursue careers in technology.

“Working with Engaging Education, we’re ready to inspire and empower the next generation and I’m looking forward to bringing this program to schools and universities across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.”

Engaging Education is a creative agency based in Wakefield. He works with a range of clients in education, business and beyond, working on projects with a strong moral purpose that have a positive impact on society.

Michael Evans, Projects and Partnerships Manager at Engaging Education, said: “Digital skills are essential for life, but not everyone has the opportunities or resources to develop them. That’s why this project with Quickline is so important.

“Together we will help bring to life the information and resources that will help increase digital literacy in our communities.

“We are proud to bring the creative skills and expertise of our team to the program to help make it a real success.”

The first sessions will take place in primary schools after the October term, after which they will be introduced to secondary and higher schools.

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